Payment methods

You can pay for your order once COD-cash on delivery or up to 6 installments - our payment methods are tailored to your capabilities. Balkan pharm allows you to purchase selected products by paying in the following ways: Cash on delivery is not possible for personal collection in our warehouse.

1. Payment by cards once: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners once

2. Erste Bank cards up to 6 installments, Diners 6 installments and MBnet Group cards


Slatinska banka
Istrian Credit Bank
First bank
Agram bank

2. CorvusWallet CorvusWallet is a payment method that allows you to pay faster, easier and more securely with one saved card. There is no longer a need to enter card numbers, expiration dates and other information entered on the payment form when not paying from CorvusWallet. All you have to do is enter your username and password.

3. CorvusPay by IBAN New payment method for Internet banking users of the following banks: Privredna banka Zagreb, Zagrebačka banka and Erste & Steiermärkische banka. The customer pays in the secure environment of the licensed payment service provider. During the purchase, the customer initiates payment by entering his IBAN account and confirming his identity in his bank. He confirms his identity with the same credentials (usually with his token and one-time password) which he uses to access his bank's Internet banking. The customer additionally signs the transaction by entering a one-time PIN generated by his token. After the transaction in your bank is completed, we will send you the products from the order. In the event that the transaction is not executed within 5 days of initiating the transaction, the order will be automatically canceled.